My favourite 15 minute hotel room workout

Updated to Habits on January 23, 2023.

When I’m at home there’s usually lots of time to enjoy an hour on the trail, or interval training on my surfski. Not when I’m on the road.

When I’m travelling to speak at conferences, my morning is when I do my final preparation. That’s precious time I need for last-minute changes and to rehearse. So time is limited for exercise.

But I need something physical to energize my body for the day. Sound familiar?

I used to pack my running gear and try to get to the hotel gym or head out for a run. But, more often then not I would arrive on a late flight, be bushed from a long day of work and travel, and not have the time or energy for a proper workout.

The 15 minute hotel room workout is the perfect solution if you  don’t have a lot of time, want to enjoy some exercise, and don’t fancy trying the rusted treadmill in the hotel ‘spa’.

The 15 minute hotel room workout

The last thing I do, before heading to the shower, is set the countdown timer on my watch for 15 minutes. My plan is to get the maximum workout possible, in exactly 15 minutes and only using what’s available in my room.

Each set (I usually do three sets) depends on what’s available, but typically looks like this:

  • 20 step-ups onto a foot stool or chair (10 leading with each leg).
  • standing side stretch with arms stretched out over head
  • 20 inverted push-ups, with feet on a chair (I usually lay a towel on the floor where my face will be.)
  • 10 squats, or step forward into squat, alternating on each side
  • forward bend – hold for 30 seconds
  • side plank – 30 seconds each side (body rigid, like a plank, balanced on side of feet and one elbow, hold). More advanced – change to 10 one-arm push ups.
  • back bend – hold for 30 seconds
  • 10 Burpees (stand with hands stretched above your head, drop to a crouch position, then hop into a plank, push up, and spring to feet again.)
  • repeat.

By the time I’ve gone through three sets, I feel great—my heart is pumping, my muscles are awake, and I feel alert (regardless of how short the night was). I’m not getting the aerobic workout I get from long run, but I feel fit, wide awake, and full of energy for the day. See also How to be a road warrior (without getting beat up)

In only 15 minutes I got everything I need and I’m on time with my Morning Club routine. Awesome!

Tell me what you think.

What could you do in 15 minutes that would get your energy up?


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Hat tip to fitness expert Craig Ballatyne for this one