How to do market research without annoying the heck out of your customers

0090-how to do market research

We’ve all seen them - the deathly long surveys. They start innocently with a polite, somewhat pleading invitation. Then we are sucked into a dreary, mouse-clicking, worm hole of questions that dibble on ad nauseam. Why not be honest: “It will only take you all afternoon - you’ll be bored silly, but we really appreciate it!” There is a better way. I call it the magic two-question survey. Just to be clear.… Continue reading


EE046 – How to Survive as a Road Warrior

Experts Enterprise Podcast This is the podcast for speakers, consultants, coaches, and on-line marketers who want to grow their influence and income. Learn from experts like: Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, and John Lee Dumas. Get insights from author, entrepreneur, and… Continue reading

5 ways to make your speech stand out

Five Ways to Make Your Speech Stand Out

In the last 15 years I have researched, prepared, and delivered over 1,000 speeches and seminars. I’ve also seen my share of other presenters. Some were outstanding, many needed work. I know I’m critical (not a bad thing if you… Continue reading