Five tried and true sources for writing inspiration (I’m using one here)

writing inspiration

A client recently told me her biggest barrier to getting more blogs written was coming up with ideas. What?!? Are you living? I have so many ideas for writing, my problem is choosing only one. I know this can be a barrier so let’s go over five great sources of ideas for your next blog, article, podcast, or YouTube video (make sure you add more in the comments): I was leaving a… Continue reading

The Speaker's Dilemma (3)

EE049 – The Speaker’s Dilemma

Experts Enterprise Podcast This is the podcast for speakers, consultants, coaches, and on-line marketers who want to grow their influence and income. Learn from experts like: Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, and John Lee Dumas. Get insights from author, entrepreneur, and… Continue reading

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How I use Evernote to organize my life

Lots has been written about the amazingly useful Evernote app. Leadership expert Michael Hyatt calls it his “digital brain”, best-selling author Tim Ferriss says it “gives him peace of mind.” I call if frigg’n beautiful. Imagine a tool that can clip… Continue reading