Why your smart goals for 2015 will fail! (unless you do this one thing)


It’s happening. The weather has changed, malls are full, ads are pushing Christmas, and we haven’t wrapped up 2014 yet. Ugh. Maybe, like me, you have that dreaded feeling of goals-déjà vu. Yup, it’s time for those slippery New Year goals - not the ones you scribble on the back of the cocktail napkins, mumbling “This time. Definitely this time.”, between sips of Bailey's - I mean real goals. You know, the ones… Continue reading


EE041 – Jeff Goins on becoming a writer

Experts Enterprise Podcast This is the podcast for speakers, consultants, coaches, and on-line marketers who want to grow their influence and income. Learn from experts like: Jay Baer, Guy Kawasaki, and John Lee Dumas. Get insights from author, entrepreneur, and… Continue reading