Why my blog is pivoting to the business of speaking

Updated to Business, Speaking on January 23, 2023.

I have a confession to make. I have been slowly making a pivot with my blog—I need to come clean.

You see, like many speakers, I wear two hats.

I get hired to speak to audiences about leading an effective life. That’s what my Think, Plan, Act speech is all about. And I love that part of my business.

I also teach other speakers how to grow their business. I call that the Business Of Speaking. Love that too.

In fact, in the last two years, I have created these posts about the Business Of Speaking.

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So, you see I’ve been busy turning my attention to the art and craft of being a speaker on stage. And I want to explain why I think this is so important.


Our aging population are not all packing up their desk and hitting the fairway. A new report from HSBC Bank says that at least 45% of Canadians expect some period of semi-retirement. Whether to augment retirement saving, or to stay active, people are choosing to contribute at work longer.

Many choose to share their expertise with others as a speaker, seminar leader, university lecturer or author.

In ancient times, elders would guide young warriors in the ways of the world. Today there’s not much sitting around the fire talking about the Buffalo that got away. Instead we teach either using online tools like social media, video training, webinars, or on stage.

Today there’s not much sitting around the fire talking about the Buffalo that got away.

That’s where the Business Of Speaking comes in.


When I got into the speaking business I was fresh back from a three year stint growing Adventure Network International (flights to the South Pole) and half-way through graduate school.

I wasn’t looking for a career in speaking. And I certainly didn’t plan out the next 20 years to get me to here.

What I learned was there is a path. It’s not cast in stone, but there is a path aspiring speakers can take to fast-track their progress to building a business as a speaker. And knowing that path can save you a lot of grief.

There is a path aspiring speakers can take to fast-track their progress to building a business as a speaker.


Choosing topics for my blog every week is a balance between current events in my life/career and my content calendar of future topics.

I will still write about leading an effective life – how to get the right stuff done in relationships, at work and in health.

At the same time, you will be seeing a lot more content about the Business Of Speaking – how to craft a speech, share your expertise, earn an income and build other revenue sources.


Writing a blog, dear reader, is sometimes pure delight and the words spill out onto the page (digitally, of course). Other times it’s, well, a bit of a grind.

What spurs me on and puts piss in my vinegar (as my Dad would say) is hearing from you. Here’s how.

I am always excited to get comments on the blog. I know some heavy hitters in the blog sphere have removed comments from their blog. Not me—I say bring ‘em on!

Sharing my blog by clicking the social media share buttons (on the left side and at the bottom) is a huge bonus. That’s how I can reach more people. Think of it as a coin in my guitar case. It won’t buy me dinner, but it’s a thumbs up in my direction.