What’s a speaker’s one-sheet and do I need it?

Updated to Business, Speaking on January 23, 2023.

When I got into the speaking business, dinosaurs roamed the earth and speakers had one-sheets.

Lot’s changed since then, and the question is, do you still need a one-sheet?

When promoting your speaking business, your first line of attack should always be up-to-date information on your web site. That’s where your clients will go – whether you like it, or not – long before the phone rings.

I recommend that the page describing your presentations should be designed to be easily printed in PDF format and taken directly to the planning committee. It’s worth testing that just to make sure it’s readable when reproduced in black and white.

A one-sheet will look different than your site presentation page, but should contain all the same information: presentation outlines (including if it’s a speech or seminar), bio, call-to-action, client list, testimonials.

A nicely formatted one-sheet (even though they’re called “one-sheets” they often cover 2 pages) could be a good addition to your web site, but here’s my concern.

The more active you are as a speaker the more often you’re going to change your offer, update testimonials, etc. While some speakers can get away with resting on one speech for a decade, most speakers I know frequently adjust their speech outline and customize content for their audiences.

I think investing in a pretty one-sheet might make you hesitant to change your content and, as a result, miss out on good opportunities.

Bottom line: I haven’t had a one-sheet for over 12 years (nor have I been asked for one) and that hasn’t seemed to impact my business.

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