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Many of these resources here are completely free. Of the ones that aren’t, some contain affiliate links. If you use them, I may get a small commission — but there is no extra cost to you. Explore, try them out and remember to move on if they don’t make you or your life a bit better.


Give Me A Break – The Art of Making Time Work for You

Are you ready for a break? Join thousands of readers on a journey from clutter, missed deadlines, and procrastination to clarity, productivity, and balance. Along the way you’ll visit Antarctica, meet a 19th-century economist, practice saying “no”, re-learn single-tasking, and learn why washing dishes can be meditative.


Small Wins – Why Little Steps are the Path to Big Rewards

Anyone who has a goal knows how hard it can be to get started. Small Wins is all about getting past procrastination, excuses, and thinking “as soon as…” and actually getting started. Discover the proven Aware-Ask-Act 3-step model to jumpstart any project, plus get 21 examples of Small Wins I’ve used to move my work forward and make my life just a little better (okay, a lot better.)


Closing the Gap – the Ultimate Presentation Template and Guide.

After delivering over 1,200 presentations, webinars, and workshops I discovered a simple formula that make any presentation perfect. This is the same formula that earned me over $3M as a professional speaker and my clients pay $5,ooo to learn. And now it’s yours for free.

Included in this pack:
— 7-step Perfect Presentation Template
— Sample keynote using the template guide
— Timing guide for your next keynote or sales presentation
— 10 rules for a perfect presentation


The Ultimate Presentation Formula – a Step-by-Step Guide to Your Best Presentation Ever.

Creating original content can be hard, frustrating work. I know, I’ve delivered over 1,000 speeches and seminars and hundreds of articles. That’s why I created this template as a guide. You can use it for speeches, webinars, blog posts, sales pitches, or team meetings. It will help you quickly organize your content, save you time, and help you influence more audiences. And now it’s yours for free.