Pick a lane – make more income by doing less

Updated to Business on December 14, 2022.

There is one lesson that comes up in almost every conversation I have with experts. Whether they are speakers, authors, coaches, seminar leaders, or wannabe’s.


Look, if you are rocking your world and your calendar is full, maybe you don’t need to think about this. But, I’m finding that it’s so fundamental most people need to KEEP looking at it.

When I moved from self-employment training to speaking (this is way back before we ordered “Grande” coffees) I offered everything. I was like a kitchen sink – full of stuff, none of it very good.

If a client asked if I could lead a stress management workshop, my answer was always “Yes!” How about, team building, coaching, sales, or career planning? You bet, Yes, Si, Oui, Ja, hai, I would answer.


It took me ten years to unwind, unpack, and dump all the topics I was really horrible at, had no business doing, and weren’t making me any money.

You have to pick a lane.

If you are still with me, I’m guessing this is hitting home. So, I’ll finish with something you can do right now.


1) Start with your “Hungry Audience”. What market do you want to help for, at least, the next three years? And are they “hungry” (Def’n: 1) know they have pain, 2) want the pain to go away, 3) are willing to pay for solutions)? Pick a big, but narrow audience (like working Mom’s, or Baby Boomers turning 60).

2) Next, pick on topic. You might know lots about leadership, but do you really want to compete with exactly 1,256,314 other leadership speakers (I made up that number, but you get the point)? Here’s what I ask myself: “What is a unique, completely my own, twist on a popular pain point that I know a lot about and I’m excited about helping others to solve? For me it was “Give me a break” – how to unclutter, organize, and improve an overwhelming life.

3) Drop the rest.

I know a lot about marketing and sales, but these three steps trump anything else you will do.

I want to know what you think – is this something you need to work on? Comment below and let me know.


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