Nine Hacks Guaranteed to Make your Next Speech World Class

Updated to Speaking on May 3, 2023.

It is possible to deliver a world-class speech – if you know what the pro’s do and with a little practice.

In this SlideShare deck I’m sharing 9 simple hacks that can transform a boring presentation into brilliant.

For example, I’ll show you my 35/50/15 formula to help nail your timing, how to use fewer slides with the 2/4/8 rule, where to find great stories, and how to use social proof to get a standing ovation.

Even if you are a nervous beginner these 9 techniques will make you better on stage, get your audience leaning in, and make it seem like you have been speaking to audiences for years.

Each one of these hacks has been field tested with even the most difficult audiences (like 220 burly prison guards).

The theme to this SlideShare is to deliver less content, better. Using these skills, every lesson will be more powerful, every story more memorable, and every speech more valuable.

#1 Nail the Timing

#2 Start with a Story

#3 Use Fewer Slides

#4 Do the Boogie

#5 Be Funny

#6 Get Social Proof

#7 Connect with the Audience

#8 Deliver less Content, Better

#9 End with a Bang

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know in comments below.