Why you need to experiment furiously and bravely dump

Updated to Business on January 22, 2023.

I just wrote my final email to my 2017 BOSS students. And there’s a bit in there I thought you might like.

BOSS is an 8-week speaker training program I offer once a year. But it’s more than a bunch of videos – we have weekly calls, guest speakers, coaching and a networking group.

It’s a community.

And it’s always a bitter sweet moment when I wrap it up—part of me wants to be in that community every week.

As I put a bow on it this year, I was reflecting on what is the essential truth I’m trying to put across to the wonderful people who have trusted me with their time.

And there’s one message I want to share with you, dear reader. And here it is:

Nobody really cares much about your past—only how you show up today.

I know, you have your precious Twitter followers, LinkedIn profile and news feed in Facebook. And there’s your work, your education, achievements and damn good looks.

I get all that.

But it all pales in comparison to how you’re showing up TODAY. The reality is:

  You can be the world’s biggest jerk on Monday and, with a little bravery and honesty, repair fences on Tuesday.

  You can procrastinate all you want about a project or tough phone call and then, the very next day, get it all done before 10AM.

  You can avoid going for a run or to the gym for 3 months and then wake up tomorrow, head out the door, and suddenly be back on track.

– You could chain smoke, live on Cheezies, pound back 3 beer a night and tomorrow quit smoking cold-turkey and become a tea-toting vegan.

In some twisted way we make up a story about who we are, but it’s all B.S. We aren’t even the same physical person we once were (according to folks that study this stuff, every 7 years all of your cells have been replaced with new ones).

So, experiment furiously and bravely dump what isn’t working. It’s the only way you can grow.

The world will not be judging you on your past—only on how you show up today.

I can’t wait to see how you show up.