I want you to be brave

Updated to Business on December 14, 2022.

Okay this is something different.

I was working on my next slideshare presentation this week and struggling to come up with a topic. I admit I don’t recommend this backwards approach, but there it is.

And what came up was the topic of bravery.

I think we all know what a dictionary definition of bravery would sound like: rescuing small children from burning buildings and the like.

brave defn

But, being brave does not have to be about heroic acts or slaying the dragons in your life. In fact, the people in my life that I think are the most “brave” don’t do any of those things. In some ways you could call them “ordinary people.” Except that they aren’t.

Being brave can be about helping people, putting your hand, up and loving people. And the people I think of as “brave” make different decisions then most of us. They are less worried about what other people think and more focused on what feels right to them.

Have a look at my short slideshare presentation below and let me know what you think.

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This year I am committing to being brave in these ways (what about you)?

  • Saying what I mean (as long as I don’t intend to hurt people).
  • Going with my first impulse (like going up to talk to someone who looks interesting) as long as it doesn’t put someone in danger.
  • Sticking to my goals and new habits, regardless of how I feel.
  • Telling people honestly the strengths and values I see in them.

Where do you need to be more brave in your life?