How to become a best-selling author – 25 secrets from Jay Baer

Updated to Business on February 2, 2023.

If you have ever entertained the notion of becoming a best selling author, think again.

The path to best seller (on my bucket list) is fraught with casualties. 

Surprisingly, the “secret” path to fame is still somewhat secret.

Recently I interviewed Jay Bear, newly minted New York Times best selling author. Before the interview, he quipped that someone should write a “How to write and publish a best seller for dummies book.” He said he couldn’t find anyone that had the key to the kingdom, so he put together this Slideshare summary. Like his other work, it’s very, very worthwhile reading.

Here is how he did it:


Youtility by Jay Baer (a fast read that could change your mind about where word of mouth really comes from)

Mind Meister (my absolutely favourite mind mapping tool)

PS if you have not checked out Slideshare, you might want to. I am getting some great results there (it’s B2B) and will be soon going for their paid subscription and including it as a lead capture strategy. Here’s a great interview on Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner all about Slideshare.