After selling my first company I was invited to speak on stage. Our team had started an airline, built the only private base camp, and launched the only private company – on the Antarctic continent. The event planner assured me I could simply show up, and share some stories and that would be it. At the time, I had no idea what, as Paulo Coelho wrote, the universe was “conspiring to make happen.”

That day, 1,000 people gave me a standing ovation, I was hooked and I never looked back.

Since then I have been invited to present to over 1,200 audiences including Suncor, BC  Lotteries, Investors Group, Imperial Oil, and Shoppers Drug Mart. I have led strategic planning retreats, organized and launched my own conferences – even taught presentation and business skills to aspiring entrepreneurs. And this is what I know…

Everyone has the same motivation – to close the gap between their current reality and their future reality.

While every audience is unique, everyone has the same motivation – to close the gap between their current reality and their future reality. That is where the tension lies – it is what makes us human and where I come in.

With every event, my goal is to help audiences think better, plan smarter, and act on what is most important. I want to be the catalyst that helps them close their gap, and have fun doing it.

I use stories from Antarctica, mountain climbing, Ironman competitions, and the often-embarrassing misdeeds of a serial entrepreneur (me) to shine a spotlight on their gap – the changes that they want to make. My invitation is for them to turn tension into motivation, inspiration into action, and to show up a little differently tomorrow.

“Dynamic, engaging, impactful”

-Paul Gardner, VP HR, Suncor

My current keynote presentation
SMALL WINS – Why Little Steps are the Path to Big Rewards

The secret to getting more of what you want in life is small wins. Small wins are the deceptively minor decisions that lead to surprisingly big benefits at work and in life.

Small Wins is the perfect formula for anyone with more ambition than results and more To-Do’s than time. This simple, three-step process unlocks new paths to success that can be reached faster and with less effort.

Packed with inspirational stories and examples, Hugh Culver’s high-energy keynote is ideal for busy people who want more but don’t know how to get started. Part motivational, part instructional, and part challenging, this content-rich keynote presentation is an exciting experience for any audience

 Core messages include –

• Why small wins can lead to massive changes in work and life
• A three-step formula for achieving more of what you want
• Examples of small wins that are already creating big results

“You elevated the energy in the room at the time of day when we most needed it!”

–R. Fenster, Director, BC LOTTERIES

“The time you took to interview and talk with our people really made a big difference!”

–K. Bossin, Director, Shoppers Drug Mart