Business and Life – how to make your summer work

Updated to Business on December 19, 2022.

Make this summer work

For too many years I have screwed it up. I had great intentions to chill out and completely enjoy my summer, but then I let work creep in.

I was thinking about a blog post, scheming up some new event, or actually spending time in the office. Not good.

Sure, I got some stuff done and the business was better because of it, but I felt ripped off.


No question, as entrepreneurs we wear many hats, and we work hard. And it can be exhausting. Sure, there are lots of rewards, but you have to earn them.

If you are serious about making this summer work, I have some advice for you. Make it a goal.

We all know how to create and make goals happen. Summer is an event and if it is going to be awesome it needs a goal.

Watch (or listen) to the webinar I hosted this week. We had a pretty big response and I think this topic hit a chord. Below, I’ve added the Coles notes.

Download the video or MP3 files here


1. Start with non-work goals

Think about spiritual/mental/emotional first. What can you do everyday to unwind, unplug, refresh, and reboot your mental state? Get outdoors, go camping, do more yoga, meditate, burn incense – whatever, but make it a daily habit and make it a goal.

2. Do the 3-hour blitz

When I know there is work to be done (like posting a new blog, editing a podcast, or responding to clients) I plan it out like a client appointment. No email, internet, phone calls – just get’r done hard work and cross them off the list. Then it’s back to the family for some fun.

3. Automate your social media

I’m getting better in this area. I use to load up tweets and linkedin updates. I also have a virtual assistant pull tweets from my book, my blog, and selected other blogs. Once or twice a week I add original content. Total 30 minutes a week.

4. Micro-outsource

This one deserves a post on its own. Look for small parts of a routine you can get someone else to complete. I have a virtual assistance post my blogs. I love writing, I don’t love messing with headers and font sizes. Typical cost is $2/post. I have another virtual assistant edit the audio on my podcasts (cost is $3/post). When I record videos they are edited and delivered to both Vimeo and YouTube. I don’t touch them (cost is about $12/video).

5. Read fiction

Everyday practice single-task, non-work activities (like reading good fiction) that make you feel good, restore your drive and energy. I love to play my guitar (badly), read a good novel, work around the yard, hike, paddle, trail run, and walk my dog. I feel good and my dog stays healthy.


We work hard at our enterprise and we need to work hard at not working. Trust me, after 18 years I know how to do it the wrong way.

Tell me in the comments – what are you going to do to make your summer work?