Advanced Speaker Academy Oct 3 – 5, 2013

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The speaking business is an exciting and lucrative industry. Where else can you reach thousands of people and change so many lives with your message? Where else can you earn a six or seven figure income working just 50-70 days a year? And where else can you travel the world and get paid to do it?

But, maybe you aren’t enjoying the success you want. The harsh reality is that there are only three reasons why you aren’t impacting as many people as you want and earning what you need (sorry, I’m going to be blunt):

1) YOU DON’T CHARGE ENOUGH. Most speakers undervalue their experience and greatly undervalue their time. At ASA I will explain why you only have 40 days in a year to sell (that’s why they need to be so valuable) and why you are worth much more than you think (if you know how to market yourself).

2) YOU DON’T ATTRACT THE RIGHT CLIENTS. I spent too many years teaching courses I wasn’t really an expert in to clients I didn’t really want to work with long-term. That’s a receipt for slow growth. At ASA you will learn my “Hungry Audience” model and you will create your ideal-client avatar. This is critical work for you to “pull” the right clients to you.

3) YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH (yet). It took many years of frustration and slow growth for me to realize I needed to be better (much better) on stage if I was going to be much richer in my business. At ASA I will teach you exactly how to structure your speech, tell a story they won’t forget, get 100% participation, and bring your audience to their feet. Ready to get better fast?


The Advanced Speaker Academy is not for the lighthearted. If you want to learn on your own or hate feedback, then ASA is probably not for you. But if you want to grow as a speaker or seminar leader and want to get paid more every day, then ASA will get you there.



For almost 20 years I have been perfecting my speaking craft. And after 2,000 presentations I have learned a lot.

I have delivered the speech of my life and received a standing ovation one night and bombed the next. I have presented to 10 people in the back of a cold, poorly lit church (using a sheet as a projection screen) and I have stood in front of 1,000 people at sold-out conferences. I have lost my voice the night before a major presentation and, at another event, stepped on stage only to realize I’d lost all my notes.


I realized a long time ago that if this was going to be my profession, I needed to be constantly learning and improving. And I discovered there are certain techniques that will guarantee you win over every audience. The trouble is that most speakers invest very little time improving their presentation skills – usually they just work on marketing.

So I created the Advanced Speaker Academy. This is your opportunity to move from “pretty good” to “really great” on stage and to earn more income. At ASA, my objective  is to equip you with the tools and strategies you need to blow your audience away, bring them to their feet, and thrill your client (the event planner).

That’s it: better preparation and performance equals a much, much better career.


A training program for speakers wouldn’t be complete without presentations. Throughout ASA, you will be getting feedback on your presentation. These short, intense sessions are invaluable for building your confidence and improving your message.

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  • There are two types of audiences?
  • You only have about 40-60 presentation days to sell in a year?
  • The best opening to a speech is memorized?
  • 90 minutes of telephone research before every event can make you look like a hero?
  • There is a secret to getting great testimonials every time.
  • You can use a 90 second dyad to get 100% audience participation?
  • You will make more impact with less content?
  • A single back-of-room product can add $50,000 or more to your bottom line?
  • You need an “After Unit” system to get followers?

If you are thinking “Huh?” to any of these then you should register for ASA and learn how you can maximize the impact of every presentation and get rebooked.



Once you practice your new skills your presentations will have more impact and you will automatically generate more referral business. It’s simple: people want to promote people they like and can learn from, and that they enjoyed and like. And that person should be you.

Here is just some of the powerful content you will get:

– The 5 things you must do to thrill your client (the event planner).

– How to create your ideal-client avatar (** and speak to it!)

– The 10 most common mistakes speakers make (and how to avoid them).

– How to own your audience in just three minutes.

– Get guaranteed 100% audience participation with the 90-second dyad.

– The trick to always finishing on time (** super important and often done wrong).

– The secret of a framework – how to create it and use it.

– How to ensure the MC doesn’t mangle your introduction.

– The tricks of using PowerPoint/Keynote to make you look good (** hint: drop 20% of your slides).

– Why you need three speaker’s bios (and what has to be in them).

– How much to customize and how much should be boiler-plate.

– How to capture valuable testimonials every time (** I’ll show you how to get verbal, written, or video in less than 5 minutes).

– What should be in your “After Unit” to get more referral business.

– Seven ways to improve your program description to sell more.

– How to close your speech to bring them to their feet.

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ASA investment

Note: This program is really free. Not only are you learning how to be a better speaker, you are learning how to earn more money. You should be able to earn back this investment (or more) in just one speaking engagement. The space is limited, the content is rich, and the coaching is priceless.  Secure your seat now with a (completely refundable) $197 deposit!

reserve your seat $197

BONUS PROGRAM (value $794)

Value: $400. Two strategy calls with Hugh Culver (two 30 minute calls, scheduled for before and after ASA). This is a great opportunity to ask questions, test material, and just learn more about growing your speaking business.

Value: $197. “Expert Webcasts” (online course). Learn why webcasts have become the most exciting way for me to share lessons, stay connected with my followers, and grow my business. I will reveal step by step instructions on how to plan campaigns, how to create your content, how to set it up and how to host your event.

Value: $197. “Work Smarter Home Study Program”. This audio/video program will show you how to stop procrastinating, be more organized, and get the right work done. These are invaluable lessons for any entrepreneur.

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This is a big investment of money and time. How do I know it will work?

ASA is all about applying what you learn and getting more impact and income. If even one of the following happens you have have more than paid for the program (and you still have the learning that you can use over and over):

  • add just one additional booked engagement.
  • sell back of room and get a modest 15% participation.
  • use your captured leads (I teach you how to do this) to create one more booking.
  • turn your testimonials into a YouTube video that drives traffic to your site.
  • build your list and sell an on-line course

I’m an experienced speaker, will the room be full of beginners?

There will be a range of experience in the room – that is to be expected. However, the content and instruction will be high level, designed for speakers with some experience.

I’m new to the industry, will this help me?

We have had beginners in the program and they have learned a lot from the more experienced speakers.

Speakers all have different styles, will I be able to apply everything I learn?

This program is all about you. Of course, I will give you loads of examples from my experience, but it’s all designed to help you customize the application to your presentations. 

I’m a seminar leader, will this help me?

YES. Absolutely! I spent almost 10 years exclusively as a seminar leader and I know you need to kick-butt in the classroom as much as you do on stage.

I can’t make your dates, will this be available online?

No, the nature of this program is that it needs to be delivered live. I might be able to put part of the program online in the future, but for now it is all live training. 

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If you are not completely thrilled with this program and don’t think that this content will advance your business we will give you a complete refund and pay for up to $300 of your travel expenses. Tell us by the end of DAY 1 of the program that you are not satisfied to receive your immediate refund.


We know that life happens. If you need to cancel, for whatever reason, please let us know at least 30 days before the program date. After that time there will be a cancellation charge of $100 to our favorite charity.

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reserve your seat $197


There was a time when I shunned advice from people with more experience and who, quite frankly, were making more money than me.

It was a mistake.In the speaking industry one good idea can turn very quickly into thousands of dollars revenue and hundreds of followers. That’s my goal for you.

If you know you have a message that can help people, then I can help you to share it.

Many of the skills and strategies I share at ASA took me far too long to learn.
I don’t want you to have to wait.
If you know you are ready to accelerate your speaking career then I want to make that happen.